Mudhol Hound: Height, Price, Temperament

Name: Mudhol Hound
Other names: Mudhol Dog, Caravan Hound, Karwani, Lahori Pashmi, Pashmi, Pisuri Hound
Country of origin: India (Deccan plateau)
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Hunting Dogs, Guard Dog Breeds
Life span: 10 – 12 years
Temperament: Courageous, Loyal, Graceful, Elegant
Height: Males: 68-72 cm; Females: 64-68 cm
Weight: Males: 22-28 kg; Females: 22-28 kg
Color: Fawn, Brindle, Black, Chocolate, White

Price of puppies: $500 – $900 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound is an Indian breed belonging to the type of hunting track dogs. In the countryside, the caravan greyhound is also known as Karwani. This breed is widespread throughout the Deccan plateau and is used as a hunting and guard dog.

Brave, loyal, graceful, elegant.

Mudhol Hound puppies

First of all, it is a working dog, capable of being in the field constantly, in exhausting conditions, which is beyond the power of other dogs. It is an elegant, graceful and courageous dog. Due to its physical strength, speed and endurance, it can hunt both hares and antelopes in difficult, rugged terrain. This dog cannot be called an ideal apartment dweller, it needs space, a free territory. Dogs of this breed require regular physical activity. However, they are unpretentious when it comes to exercises that they can perform both in a closed, fenced area and in a city apartment or other housing. If you treat it with kindness and affection, then a very loyal dog grows out of it. The caravan greyhound is cold with strangers, does not like to be touched by strangers. Dogs of this breed are wary of their fellows. It is considered not aggressive, a patient just until they invade its territory. If necessary, it can defend the owner and his house. You need to be kind, fair, and respectful with it, otherwise, it becomes nervous and angry, which makes life with the dog impossible.

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