The Hamster Did Not Appreciate the Prospect of Being Presented to Children and Smashed the Car

Amanda Johnson from British St. Athan decided to give her children a present – a Syrian hamster. But the hamster fundamentally disagreed with her, on the way from the pet store it got out of the box and has been smashing the 43-year-old owner’s car for a week.

Amanda tried to catch the fugitive with 8 traps, but the hamster did not give up. Over the past 6 days, it has caused several thousand pounds of damage – gnawed through the driver’s seat belt, chewed on the seat upholstery, damaged plastic in the cabin, and gnawed through several wires.

The woman is very worried about her ruined car, which she bought a few months ago. But she still hopes to take the hamster alive and give it to her children …

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