Turkish Angora Cat Personality and Behavior

Known for their long, delicate, ballerina-like bodies and softy, silky fur, Turkish Angoras are considered treasures in their homeland of Turkey. Despite their delicate appearance, however, Turkish Angoras are playful cats that can be affectionate with their owners, and friendly with children or other pets—but she’ll let those other pets know who’s boss.

A natural breed that originated in Turkey as early as the 15th century, Turkish Angoras were long thought to be only white cats with blue or green eyes. And—for many years—all long-haired cats were referred to as “Angoras.” Today, however, it’s widely accepted that Turkish Angoras can come in a variety of colors and variations, including Himalayan, Calico, Tortoiseshell, and Tabby.
A Turkish Angora can thrive in most home types but does best in a home with lots of love and attention. Compared to other cats, the Turkish Angora is somewhat needy and doesn’t like to be left alone. Turkish Angoras also have higher energy levels and can get into mischief if she becomes bored.

Despite the Turkish Angora’s delicate, luxurious appearance, grooming is relatively simple. Because Turkish Angoras have a single coat, they’re far less prone to tangles and matting. Simply brush your cat’s coat once per week to remove debris, and bathe as needed. Those with light-colored Turkish Angoras may find they have to bathe their cats more frequently. Fortunately, many Turkish Angoras love water—and are natural swimmers!—so bath time may not be as challenging as you’d imagine.

Because the Turkish Angora has higher energy levels, you should plan to exercise your cat for 15 to 30 minutes each day. Playing with cat toys is a fun, easy way to help your Turkish Angora expend some energy. Buy toys and scratching posts for your pet and your pet will be happy.

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