10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a St. Bernard

The Saint Berr is the best family dog ​​ever made popular by the Beethoven movie. One of the few breeds to which the monument is erected. This huge dog with a sad look can become your best friend and protector. It is appreciated for its peaceful calm nature and devotion. But before you start a dog of this breed, you need to study its description, pros, and cons, reviews of the owners.

General characteristics

St. Bernard is a huge dog, but it is often bred as a companion. This is due to the unique character. He is balanced, calm, affectionate, good-natured, and disciplined. Seeks to serve the owner, loves children, and gets along well with other pets.

Such features are explained by the history of the origin of the breed. She was bred specifically to help humans. These dogs can carry loads, search for lost people, and anticipate avalanches. They are hardy, serious, intelligent, and well versed in advertising.

St. Bernards are the best rescuers, adapted to work in the mountains. During the entire existence of the breed, they pulled several thousand people out from under the snow. For this, the breed was entered into the Guinness Book of Records three times. And the most famous St. Bernard, the dog Barry, has a monument.

Care and maintenance

Due to its size (this is one of the largest dogs in the world), St. Bernard requires a lot of living space, so it is best to start such a breed in a private house. The dog’s coat is very warm, it allows its owner to live on the street and calmly endure frost and bad weather. For the same reason, in summer it is necessary to protect the dog from the scorching sun and heat. You can take such a dog into a large apartment if you provide it with fresh air and regular walks.

The care and maintenance of St. Bernard require regular attention from the owner. Pets with long hair should be brushed every day, and with short hair – 2 times a week. Bathing with special shampoos and conditioners is necessary as it gets dirty.

Molting infrequent: 2 times a year. At this time, brush your pet more often. You should regularly wipe the dog’s eyes and mouth due to increased salivation and the appearance of smudges. To participate in exhibitions, you will need to make your dog a professional haircut. A home hygienic haircut is also suitable for everyday life.


St. Bernards have long existed with humans. This is one of the most popular breeds. This is explained by many advantages:

  • suitable for both the elderly and young families with children;
  • good guard, devoted friend;
  • suitable for keeping in the yard;
  • is friendly to other animals;
  • does not bark for no reason;
  • not picky about food;
  • good at training, smart.


The large size of St. Bernard has some problems with its content. He needs free space in the house and a lot of food. This dog also has such disadvantages:

  • prone to drooling;
  • sheds heavily;
  • has poor health;
  • can be stubborn and lazy;
  • does not have protective qualities, since it cannot bite a person.
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