12+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is a miniature tame dog with silky long hair. This is a very ancient Tibetan breed of friendly lovable family companions. They adore children, big funny companies, but they have a rather stubborn character.


The character of Lhasa Apso is cheerful, it seems that the pet is made for fun. However, this is how he behaves only with the owner, his family. These little dogs have a desire for independence, sometimes even at home. Sometimes it interferes with education. Funny pets with big eyes, long fur coats look very comical when they demonstrate their independence.

Lhasa Apso is considered to be one of the most loyal breeds. Dogs cannot do without the attention of the owner. Long separation, loneliness negatively affect the physical, emotional health of the pet. In exchange for selfless love for the owner, he will expect the same attitude towards himself.

Some people mistakenly consider the Apso to be a breed that, like many decorative dogs, will sit on their hands for days. Cheerful, active pets do not like a passive lifestyle, so such a temperament is not characteristic of them.

The fighting nature of small dogs makes it possible to use them for security purposes. If the pet is at home alone, when a stranger comes in, he, without hesitation, will bite him. In foreign countries, the practice of using Lhasa Apso as guide dogs began.

Care and maintenance

Keeping any decorative animal requires compliance with a number of rules, Lhasa apso is no exception. Dogs are categorically not suitable for life on the street, so an apartment would be the best option for keeping them. Walking should be daily, a short time outside (15-20 minutes) is enough.

Also, caring for representatives of the breed includes:

  • trim claws as they grow back;
  • trim the hair between the toes;
  • regularly examine the eyes, the breed is susceptible to eye diseases due to the length of the
  • the hair on the muzzle;
  • regularly examine the ears, wipe them with an antiseptic solution;
  • visit a veterinarian several times a year for a routine check-up.

It is also advisable to teach your pet to brush its teeth. Puppies quickly get used to this procedure, carried out 1-2 times a week, it is easier to teach them than an adult dog.


  • Attractive appearance, beautiful fur coat
  • Opportunity to participate in exhibitions, competitions
  • High intelligence, fast learning
  • Security skills
  • Possibility of raising a dog as a guide
  • Active, funny, funny
  • Suitable for apartment life
  • Flexible mind and fast learning


  • The need for special care
  • The need to visit grooming salons
  • Independence, leadership skills
  • Not suitable for families with small children
  • Not suitable for outdoor living
Alice White

Written by Alice White

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