14+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs lift your spirits and calm your nerves. In addition, they have an exotic appearance.

The character of the Chinese Crested

This breed is a small bundle of emotions. She subtly feels the mood of a person, and she can be seriously offended by rudeness.

The Chinese Crested is radiant with happiness and boundless love for its master. Friendly, kind, joyful, caring – this is the best pet of all time. Sometimes you suspect that the owners have superpowers – they read minds or fulfill desires, but in fact, he simply loves his two-legged friend immeasurably.

Some people note their healing properties, more often it occurs in the naked type – the skin without fur is warm and feels soothing and pleasant. If you believe some stories, then the Chinese crested dog removes pain by replacing a heating pad. Believe it or not – the choice is purely individual, but that the “crested” bring an atmosphere of comfort and peace of mind to the house is an indisputable fact.

You should not leave dogs of this breed alone – they are extremely difficult to endure loneliness, which they seek to inform all neighbors about, barking loudly and howling plaintively. Alone with themselves, dogs lose their minds – they like to make noise, and this problem is solved only by strict education.

The decorative diminutiveness of the Chinese hairless dog allows them to be freely transported in any basket or transport convenient for them. Toddlers are always happy with new toys.

The character of the Chinese crested dogs is similar to the habits of the representatives of the feline: they caress, jump on their knees, climb to hug, spin at their feet, but in the dogs, there is no coldness and arrogance. This breed was created for open breeders who are not afraid of frequent close communication with a pet – “Crested” are tightly attached and do not leave their beloved owner for a second. You need to be ready for fan love from your pet or a choice of a different breed.

Care and maintenance

The baby needs a separate cozy corner in the house – a small house or a soft bed with toys: squeaks, rubber animals, balls, cubes will do. A visit to the veterinarian must be carried out regularly, for this, it is worth purchasing a carrying bag.

Complex care is required for both types – naked and fluffy. It is recommended to use hypoallergenic care products and to carry out water treatments 1-2 times a week.

Fluffy dogs need a conditioner with a natural composition without fragrances and parabens, after washing it is worth laying the phenomenon, but not often – a concentrated stream of warm age dries the skin.

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Hairless dogs’ skin is prone to contamination and clogging of pores, resulting in acne and comedones. Be sure to cleanse your skin of them. Use special care products, if possible, it is best to contact your veterinarian for advice and removal of acne. Hairless dogs also feed on moisturizers, sunscreens, nourishing milk, and oil.

The coat of downy dogs requires untangling tangles. Water procedures are a little less frequent than in naked species – 2-3 times a month.

Additional accessories on wool in the form of hairpins or elastic bands are undesirable – they spoil the structure of the airy fur of pets. Possible only rare use for publication or when participating in shows and exhibitions.

Several times a week it is necessary to check the dog for parasites and clean the pet’s ears from contamination, as well as rinse the eyes with a special lotion. Caring for the ears and eyes of Chinese Crested dogs is not the most difficult.


  • A cheerful attitude to life is what distinguishes the representatives of this breed first of all.
  • The crested dog, very loyal to its owners, has neither guard nor watchdog properties. First of all, it is a decorative animal that brings joy both with its appearance and good character.
  • The dog is friendly towards children, loves to take part in children’s games.
  • It is a pleasure to train a crested dog. Quickly learns various tricks and repeats them many times. Only the owners should not bring these lessons to fanaticism, so that a tired dog, proving its abilities, is not injured. It often happens that jumping from a great height for her, the dog injures the kneecaps. In order for the upbringing to be correct, dog handlers advise attracting experienced specialists who will help the owners to correctly prioritize during the training period.
  • You should not raise your voice to the pet or beat them if he did something wrong or does not meet the owner’s requirement. If you show patience, explain to him the reason for his dissatisfaction, the pet will definitely understand and next time will avoid mistakes.
  • He is very wary of strangers. And in case of danger, it can turn into an aggressive fighter. It should be noted that despite its miniature size, this brave dog has very strong jaws and a knife-like bite, so its bites will be quite painful.
  • This breed can have a very different color, there is a very interesting and unusual color combination.
  • People who develop allergic reactions can keep such a dog, there will be no threat from a naked crested dog. And even if her body is covered with hair, she does not cause allergies.
  • It is believed that the representatives of the breed relieve the owners of rheumatic pains.
  • Dogs do not have any smell. Representatives without wool do not shed.


  • Loneliness and the Chinese Crested Dog are incompatible. The pet is required to be in the company of household members.
  • It is very difficult to endure a change of owners, it can behave very restlessly in this case, it is difficult and long to adapt to new conditions.
  • Pampering and letting the dog whatever it wants is an impermissible mistake. She will stop obeying and will be uncontrollable.
  • It is necessary to pay attention when acquiring a dog so that it does not have such a defect as ears standing on half-bones.
  • Even in light frosts, crested dogs on the street quickly freeze. But the owners find a way out by purchasing special warm clothes and cozy footwear for them to warm their limbs. At home, they also need to create comfortable conditions. The first sign that the dog is uncomfortable and cold is her posture: she lies curled up in a ball and hides her nose.
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