15 Pros and Cons of Owning Pugs

Before making this important decision, especially if you are getting your first dog, you should do some research for yourself and understand what it is like to have such a large pet. Getting a new dog is not a small decision. You take responsibility for owning and caring for a living being. Unfortunately, many people forget about this and have a dog, not knowing what it leads to.

To help you with your decision to get a pug, check out the main pros and cons of the breed:

#1 Pugs have a natural smooth and short coat, so they are fairly easy to keep clean. The only possible hygiene problem is the wrinkles on their face, which need to be cleaned regularly.

#2 Pugs, especially young ones, are always full of energy and will happily play a variety of games with you. They will do almost anything to get your attention.

#3 Pugs are relatively small dogs that don’t need a large yard to run.

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