14+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Great Dane

The majestic status breed is the Great Dane: a giant with a meek character, a loyal friend of the family. He, like an English lord, is calm and prudent, reasonably intelligent, well-mannered, and proportionally complex.


After the first communication with a dog, it is not difficult to understand who such a devoted and cheerful pet is suitable for. Animals love to babysit and need constant companionship. From the owners, you can hear many positive reviews about the benevolent and intelligent character of the Great Dane.

The dog never barks idle and is always ready to protect the owner. Any aggression by the animal must be motivated by serious danger. The Great Dane will never attack a stranger or other animal without good reason. A pet with an aggressive or cowardly disposition is the result of abuse or lack of education.

Adult animals are more relaxed than puppies. Active kids often forget about their impressive parameters, so they should not be left at home with small children unattended. If you have a Great Dane, then try to provide him with the constant company. He gets along well with other four-legged animals if he knows them from childhood.

For comfortable keeping at home, a private house with a plot is suitable. It is possible to live with such a huge pet in an apartment, but it is inconvenient, a loud stomp will surely cause indignation of the neighbors living on the floor below.

But the open-air cage is contraindicated for dogs. A scarce woolen cover will not help them keep warm in the winter outdoors and protect themselves from the scorching sun rays in summer. Life on the street also negatively affects the psychological state of the animal, which needs constant human society.

Education and training

The Great Dane has not only high intelligence but also an excellent memory. The upbringing and training of the Great Dane should begin immediately after the puppy appears in the house. Stick to a playful way of learning, a way to arouse the interest of a small pet, and do not overwhelm him with too complex and repetitive exercises.

Well-bred animals never fight with other dogs, do not chew on shoes, and do not relieve themselves in the wrong place. All training should be done at a moderate pace. Do not try to jump over your head, but do not stumble on the spot if the pet has mastered the base long ago and began to get bored.

After 5-6 months with a Great Dane, you can train outside. In summer and winter, it is better not to overload the dog with exercises; in spring and autumn, the walking distance can be increased. A trained pet must be able to walk next to its owner. This will help to avoid conflict situations while walking.

Care and maintenance

Spring and autumn molt in Great Danes is moderately expressed. On these days, dogs need to be brushed 2-3 times a week, on other days – only once a week. For combing, a soft-bristled brush or a special massage mitt that does not injure the hair is suitable. Short hair does not need haircuts and keeps clean for a long time.

Check the condition of the paws after each walk. Cracked paw pads are an open gate for negative microorganisms.

Trim the grown claws. Train your dog for an unpleasant procedure from childhood. When kept at home, claws are rarely ground down naturally, so the pet should get used to visiting grooming salons.

Monitor your ears, eyes, and teeth. Increased sulfur production, tearing tears, unpleasant odors, or inflammation of the oral cavity require a mandatory diagnosis.


Great Danes are popular dogs for families with children, for active people. The breed is suitable even for inexperienced owners, as it is non-aggressive and easy to train. These pets have many advantages:

  • balanced psyche;
  • obedient, calm character;
  • unobtrusive, intelligent behavior;
  • impressive, beautiful appearance;
  • rarely bark;
  • devotion, sociability, good nature;
  • high intelligence;
  • there is no aggression towards strangers and other animals;
  • are a good companion, ready to accompany the owner;
  • can become a nanny and a reliable protector for a child;
  • short coat, shedding slightly.


But these pets have serious disadvantages. Due to the high growth, Great Danes are difficult to keep in a city apartment. They are not suitable for very busy people, as they require a lot of attention and do not tolerate loneliness. There are several more disadvantages of the content:

  • requires a lot of space in the apartment for sleeping and playing;
  • cannot be kept in an aviary;
  • because of the short coat, they freeze in winter;
  • large weight and size can become a problem with active games, the dog can accidentally
  • cause injury;
  • high consumption of products;
  • poor health, Great Dane rarely live longer than 8 years;
  • high physical activity is required;
  • increased salivation.
Alice White

Written by Alice White

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