7+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Border Collie

Border Collie is recognized as the smartest dog. For her quick wit, good nature, and activity, dog breeders all over the world love her. It is a shepherd dog but can be a watchman, guard, guide, or rescuer. She serves people with pleasure and can become a wonderful companion. This is an ideal dog for families with children, lovers of outdoor activities. But before you start such a pet, you need to study the description of the breed, its pros, and cons, the content of the rule.

General characteristics of the border collie

Border Collies love to serve people. They give a charge of positive emotions, are constantly active and cheerful. They will accompany the owner in sports, take an active part in his life. But at the same time, the Border Collie is an agreeable, obedient, and friendly dog. He loves children, takes care of and herds them, anticipates the wishes of the owner, and is not annoying.

Thanks to her kindness, desire to help those in trouble, and a keen sense of smell, she is an ideal rescuer. And the ability to predict mood makes this breed the best for Canis therapy. These funny sensitive dogs help people with depression, neuroses, children with developmental delay. They know how to carefully guide the blind, support, carry out a variety of assignments.

The nature and habits of the border collie

The border is a hard worker. It is ideally suited for long hours of work in nature, for the long run, for the master’s commands. The job of a shepherd requires that the dog is not picky about food and the ability to patiently endure any weather conditions. As a guard, she has an excellent instinct and can drive away a predator that has encroached on her herd.

He treats people with understanding, wariness, but without aggression and hysteria when meeting strangers. Loyal and attentive to the owner, ready to carry out any of his commands. It learns well but is able to make decisions on its own and even manipulate the owner. It is considered one of the most intelligent breeds. Recommended for agility competition, which goes through the obstacle course, guided by the orders and gestures of the owner.


Border Collies can run all day long, enjoying the owner’s command. Their intuition and fearlessness make them vigilant watchmen. They can be trusted to guard the house, but this collie will not become an evil chain dog. Borders get along well with other pets, even cats or rodents. Become a leader for them, will shepherd and protect.

By nature, the dog is friendly, affectionate, very loyal. She loves to lead the owner, accompany him everywhere, as she is very curious. But she will never be imposed, she is not inclined to the violent manifestation of emotions.

All outsiders are wary, but not aggressive. There is absolutely no cowardice, nervousness, or anger in the character. She loves children, will be their devoted friend, vigilant guard, and nanny. She will never offend even a small child, and the student will become a companion and companion in any outdoor games.

Features of education

This dog is quick and easy to train. Likes to execute commands, but is able to act independently, make decisions. High intelligence allows her to manipulate the owner, so it is important to gain authority. If the puppy is not raised, the activity of the mental abilities will make him uncontrollable. But even an adult dog can be taught the rules of behavior. Only for this is the owner’s patience and love important.

Borders are easy to train, they enjoy learning, teams enjoy. They especially love to exercise on simulators, to run. But if the pet gets bored, he will stop obeying. Therefore, the puppy needs to be interested, it is better to train in the game. During training, physical activity or an aggressive tone should not be applied. The dog understands the words perfectly and he needs a calm, friendly attitude.

Difficulty can be caused by the strong herding instincts of these dogs. Already at the age of six months, they begin to graze everyone around, driving them into a heap, often for this they grab the legs with their teeth. This desire must be immediately stopped. The peculiarity of upbringing is also that the border requires the firmness and authority of the owner. Only then will he not strive to dominate and will be obedient.


Border Collie dogs are unpretentious, easily adaptable to any conditions. They are picky about food, tolerate bad weather well. It is best to start them for a country house, only to settle them in a large aviary, and not on a chain. You can also keep a border collie in an apartment, but if you don’t walk it, it will get bored.

At home, the pet should have its own place with bedding. It must be located away from drafts and radiators. It is desirable that from a place the border can behave behind the owner since this dog does not like loneliness. Be sure to buy the puppy toys, otherwise, he may start gnawing things out of boredom

It is necessary to walk with the dog at least 2-3 hours a day. Without sufficient physical activity, he will lose his working qualities. It is better to walk on the dog playground so that the pet overcomes obstacles. These dogs are very fond of running after sticks, a ball. In summer it is recommended to go to the river.


The diet of the dog should be chosen to take into account its hyperactivity. You can feed the border with dry food or natural food, the main thing is to choose the right portion size. The pet must receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, fatty acids.

The diet should contain;

  • meat, offal, poultry, sea fish;
  • cereals, as a source of carbohydrates, buckwheat or rice porridge is better;
  • vegetable fiber – spinach, apples, zucchini, cabbage;
  • vegetable oil;
  • once a week – an egg, dairy products.

Many owners choose dry food, in which case it must contain at least 50% protein. It is necessary to give preference to topics designed for active dogs. They should contain Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, preferably chondroitin for joint support. The composition should not contain soy, corn, and wheat, as these dogs are prone to allergies.


The main characteristics are extremely positive, but there are several important advantages to note.

  • Mind and training. Enough has been said about the intelligence of the collie. From this it follows that they are easy to train, they quickly master commands.
  • Working ability. You can use the border collie not only as friends but also as colleagues. This is true for service people. Also an interesting fact – you can hunt and take a dog with you.
  • The possibility of home content. There are breeds that do not work. These are often referred to as husky and shepherd dogs. This impossibility is connected rather with the fact that not everyone can adjust the microclimate at home to the atmosphere of a dog. Collie won’t be a problem! They were bred to help humans, and therefore get along well with people.
  • Suitable pet character. Everyone wants just such a dog – funny, loving to run, play.
  • The average size. To be honest, keeping a large dog in the house is an incredibly difficult task. Keeping a big dog in an apartment is simply unrealistic. It is extremely difficult to arrange comfort and at the same time make sure that the pet does not destroy the entire home. It is advised to keep small or medium-sized dogs in apartments. The Border Collie fits this criterion – the breed is among the average.


When describing the advantages of the border collie, one should pay attention to the disadvantages. Inquiring about the presence of negative traits of the desired pet is advised for all owners.

  • The need for training. If the owner has no desire instead of a friend to get a hyperactive clockwork toy that absolutely does not listen to commands and does not understand orders, then you will have to train the pet.
  • A lot of time to leave. Training, daily routines to maintain your appearance are time-consuming events. In addition, a long walk.
  • Demanding wool. Collies are long-haired and smooth-haired. Both those and others require daily combing of the wool cover.
  • Excessive independence. Even an obedient and trained dog is difficult to instill the need to measure the territory that can be run. Therefore, there are frequent cases when representatives of this breed run away. In the best case, the escape will be short and the dog will return soon. At worst, the dog can be lost forever.

The Border Collie is a lovely breed that definitely deserves attention. However, the owner of the animal must be prepared to face the possible consequences of his decision. The pluses of such dogs widely overlap the minuses, which indicates the reasonableness of the choice in their favor.

To start or not here is a philosophical question, which is answered by the person who wants to become a dog lover. The truth is that the four-legged is ready to become the best, loyal companion and friend who will not leave the person who sheltered him in any trouble and will support him in any joy.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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