8+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Poodle

The Poodle is a graceful dog that is remembered by people thanks to its unusual haircuts and natural grace. Few people know that the poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. These cute pets have the intelligence that they inherited from their ancestors, hunting dogs.

The nature and habits of Poodles

Due to the breeders of poodles and their sophisticated appearance, they are often considered stupid dogs. The ancestors of poodles were hunting dogs, capable of tracking down prey and bringing it to the owner, so the poodle got the best intellectual qualities. Poodles are mobile and energetic: they like to play with the owner, run, swim and bring the ball.

Poodles have developed intellectual abilities. This is clearly seen in the behavior of the dog towards humans. Poodles love the training process, they like to please people, they recognize the owner as an absolute authority. Peseta realizes that a person is smarter than him, therefore he is ready to listen to him without question. For example, if the poodle sees that the owner is digging the ground, the dog will want to immediately help him.

Poodles are observant and have a good memory. They perfectly read the facial expressions and intonation of the owner, so they understand him perfectly. Dogs do not like to upset their owners, so they rebel and are very obedient pets. If the poodle has done something wrong, then with all his appearance he will show that he is sorry.

Poodles love companionship. They are ready to meet new people and animals. If the dog lacks attention, he may become depressed or even sick. Therefore, it is better to have poodles in a family with children.

Poodles do not have guarding qualities. The most they can do to a stranger is to bark at him. But the poodles will not defend the owner of the territory.

Fun fact

Poodles are good at understanding human speech. Some experts believe that dogs memorize over 70 words. Poodles understand words by lip movement, gestures, and they are also good companions for deaf and dumb people.


The first thing to look out for is the wool. Poodle hair requires careful maintenance, as it grows quickly and easily gets tangled.

Poodles molt occurs only once in a lifetime – at the moment when the puppy grows up and changes the baby’s soft coat to a tougher and thicker adult one. During this period, it is important to treat the dog with a slicker, the risk of matting is greatest.

Poodles are scratched about three to four times a week, once every two weeks – they cut the regrown hair. You only need to wash your poodle with shampoo three or four times a year but bathe without shampoo several times a week. The fact is that the sensitive skin of poodles is irritated by frequent use of shampoos.

As for the haircut, you can either cut the regrown wool yourself or entrust this business to professionals. Groomers are able to create a gorgeous haircut for your pet that will attract the attention of others.

Poodles have many positive and negative qualities.


  • Perfectly trainable. Poodles like to learn new things, they are willing to work in teams, especially when it is fun;
  • The poodles are not noisy. If you are absent from work, then the poodle will not howl from boredom and annoy neighbors – he will patiently wait for you. They do not bark with delight and do not whine for no reason, especially if the dogs are well-bred;
  • Poodles almost never shed, and this is a definite plus for keeping poodles in apartments. It is also a plus for allergy sufferers who really want to have a dog;
  • Poodles live very long – up to 18 years with good care. This is a significant period for a thoroughbred dog;
  • Poodles are good-natured, flexible, and cheerful animals. They love to play with children, willingly make contact, and do not show aggression.


  • Poodles take a long time to adapt to a new home. This applies to both puppies that have just been taken from their mother and adult dogs. For example, a poodle will be sensitive to a move, and giving an adult dog to other owners is a tragedy for a pet;
  • Poodles have chronic diseases;
  • Although the curly hair of poodles does not fall out, it quickly grows and strays into lumps. You will have to take care of your pet’s hair for a long time and carefully;
  • Poodles do not tolerate noise well. They don’t like the sounds of repairs or loud screams;
  • Poodles need physical activity as they are originally hunting dogs that run and swim a lot.
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