15 Pictures That Prove Newfoundlands Are Perfect Weirdos

Newfoundland treats other animals well, but cats are best friends with them at an early age. Despite its large size, this is an intelligent dog, it understands how to behave in different situations, although some training is still required. Newfoundland has a well-developed intellect, and perfectly understands its owners, in addition, it is obedient and tries to bring joy.

They do not tolerate heat well because of their long and thick coat, but they tolerate cold well. For living in an apartment, these animals are poorly adapted, since they are large and shed heavily. And given the length and amount of hair on their body, you can be sure that your upholstered furniture will have an additional coverlet. Dog hair, of course. Suitable as a family companion, a helper for people with disabilities, and as a guard dog. Although, given their kind disposition.

#1 They always need a company😂🤷‍♂️

#2 You’d be hard-pressed to find a sweeter breed.

#3 No records exist that can trace the dog’s earliest beginnings, though it’s believed to have descended from the Tibetan Mastiff, with its early ancestors coming to North America via European ships in the 15th and 16th centuries.

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