15+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd is a dog that is popular all over the world. One of the varieties is Malinois. This is an elegant, strong, and hardy dog, which is in demand in the police, security, the army. Thanks to their high intelligence and independence, these dogs are used to search for prohibited substances, looking for missing people. They are loyal, affectionate, but suspicious and vigilant guards. Education must be taken seriously, not everyone will cope with it. Therefore, before starting this breed, you need to study the features, pros, and cons.


Such a dog will not play with children, but, of course, it will obey and obey.
So, if there are children in the family, you should not worry, the Belgian Shepherd will become a friend only to you, but also to the child.

Usually, this breed is attached to one person. The attention of other family members will not be denied. A new person needs to be careful when meeting because the doggie has a well-developed instinct for a hunter and protector.

Malinois lends itself well to training, but in order to accustom her to the neighborhood with other animals, you will have to make a lot of effort.

Even a very well-mannered and trained pet will not be able to deny himself the pleasure of driving cats. Therefore, you should be careful if there are other animals in the family.

Rules for keeping and care of Malinois

The coat of this pet is thick, but at the same time, it is quite coarse and water-repellent. The undercoat of the Belgian Malinois is short and soft. Molting occurs 2 times a year: in winter and summer. That is why at this time the four-legged friend needs frequent combing. So, dead hairs will be combed out, and the wool will become much more well-groomed and more beautiful.

Bathing Belgian Malinois is often not worth it. Frequent bathing will lead to a loss of dullness and stiffness in the coat.
Combing should be done 2-3 times a week. You will need a comb with sparse teeth (with it, when combing, the shreds of wool will not be pulled out). In this case, the brush must be stiff.

The Belgian Malinois must always be at work. She needs regular physical activity.


  • Very smart and quick-witted dog;
  • Differs in a strong love for the owner, devotion;
  • She is well trained, perfectly amenable to training, with the right upbringing, she is able to carry out any commands;
  • High level of intelligence and the ability to make independent decisions;
  • Unpretentious, suitable for keeping in an apartment, a country house, on a plot;
    good for children;
  • Love fun games, intellectual activities;
  • The character is calm, balanced;
  • Have excellent guard qualities, vigilantly guard the owner and property, bravely rush to the defense;
  • A good companion for travel, outdoor activities, sports;
  • Can be taught various difficult tricks;
  • Have good health, almost do not get sick, remain active until old age;
  • One of the best breeds for police service;
  • Perfectly adapt to any conditions, dogs are unpretentious.


  • Very prone to shedding;
  • Loves company does not accept loneliness. Therefore, if the owner is always no time for the dog, then you should not start a dog;
  • Requires long walks and regular exercise.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is quite lively, quick-witted, and very fast. Thanks to all these qualities, you don’t even have to dream of a best friend. It can also be keeping in an apartment, if, of course, you do not forget on permanent walks for 1.5 – 2 hours a day.

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Written by Alice White

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