15 Realities That New Great Pyrenees Owners Must Accept

The Pyrenean mountain dog will be an excellent pet for a family with a relaxed lifestyle. This is a calm, loyal and well-mannered dog, but the owner must be patient during training because the dog can be independent and stubborn.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a very large, muscular dog with double coats. The coat is long, coarse, and straight or slightly wavy; the undercoat is soft, soft, and dense. The coat color is solid white, white with spots of pale yellow, brown, or gray. The nose is black; with dark brown eyes. The ears are triangular and hang down. The tail is long and with long feathers, and reaches at least to the knees.

#1 They are very attractive

#2 If you search long and hard, you will find ample room for two fully grown adults somewhere in the bed.

#3 Loves to watch the sunset

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