15 Reasons Why Bichon Frise Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Bichon Frise is a miniature plush “antidepressant” and charming mischief with whom you will not be bored.

#1 It is difficult to take care of the Bichon’s wool; you have to comb it out almost every day, and often bathe it.

#2 These dogs are prone to allergic reactions, so you need to choose the right detergent.

#3 Bichons are smart, quick-witted and cunning dogs.


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  1. Absolutely NONE of these 14 Reasons are true!! We have 5 Bishons in the family and they are the sweetest dogs ever! They listen very well, they never had an allergy, there weight was up to 8 LBS Never gained weight.. They are not noisy dogs, they bark like any other dog would!! I don’t know where all this came from but its a bunch of BS!!

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