15 Things Only Afghan Hound Owners Will Understand

The character of the typical Afghan Hound can be aloof and dignified, but fun and playful while playing. This breed, like many greyhounds, has a high hunting instinct and may not get along with small animals. The Afghan Hound can be a successful competitor in agility trials, as well as a therapy and companion dog.

Afghan hounds do not tremble but are attentive to their territory and their families. While they generally behave calmly within their own four walls, they can actually act outside. Due to their incredibly strong hunting instinct, these hounds are almost impossible to let go of as they are practically irrecoverable if they have potential prey. When faced with unknown dogs or people, the Afghanis generally very reserved, if not completely repulsive. They are known for their outstanding memory and should be grateful for that for the fact that over the years they still know who has treated them well or badly.

#1 Mother (left) and daughter (right)

#2 Sleepy puppy asleep after the park

#3 Washed, dried and ready to go

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