15 Realities That New Afghan Hound Owners Must Accept

The Afghan Hound requires special care for a number of reasons. Afghans are very difficult to train because they are stubborn. They are very sensitive to abrupt corrections, which often result in a refusal to comply. They respond best to soft leadership and hard discipline. Regular grooming is key to maintaining an Afghani coat. Afghans require a weekly bath and brushing to remove dead hair and prevent the tangles and tangles they tend to experience.

While Afghans can make good house dogs and true bums, they need a lot of exercises to ward off boredom and destructive behaviors such as chewing. At a minimum, Afghans should walk a mile or two a day, and a fenced-in running yard is essential.

#1 Dogs are not short-tempered, not overly active

#2 Calmly endure loneliness and do not make unnecessary sounds

#3 Good relationship with children

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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