16 Historical Facts About Boxers You Might Not Know

Perhaps, none of the breeds is so recognizable on the street as this dog – proudly walking next to its owner. The Boxer is a great city dog. He is cheerful and cheerful, brave and courageous, an excellent athlete, a loyal and disciplined comrade, a friend of children, a good family member. The boxer is a harmonious combination of beauty and strength. The spiritual creators of the breed were artists and people of art, and therefore the Boxer is a product not only of nature but also of human social genius. The Boxer is a versatile dog that suits anyone who really wants to have a dog.

#1 The ancestors of the German boxer are Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Bullenbeisers.

#2 It was as a result of the mixing of these bloods that this breed was born, which began to conquer the world since 1896.

#3 Boxers from the late 19th century and modern boxers are not exactly the same thing.

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