16 Pictures That Prove Schnauzers Are Perfect Weirdos

A long, coarse coat is the most difficult item to care for a Schnauzer. Not only do they need to be combed out with a stiff brush 5-7 times a month, but it is also required to carry out regular haircuts and trimming. They do it 2 times a year or before exhibitions. Dogs do not shed, so they need to pluck their hair. You can do this yourself or contact the zoological salons.

Before bathing, dogs must be combed. The groin, armpits, and neck are considered special zones, it is here that tangles are formed. Dogs are bathed 2-3 times a year, before exhibitions or in case of severe pollution. Shampoos should be gentle. To avoid damage to the skin, the pet is lubricated with a special spray.

Ears, especially uncropped ears, should be examined carefully. Excess hairs from the shells are removed with tweezers. The eyes are rubbed as they become dirty. The teeth are cleaned 2 times a week, using a paste and a brush or chewing cords. Claws are sheared if they do not rub off on the asphalt.

#1 A car ride is a great adventure for them.

#2 One glance from your dog can send you into a shame spiral.

#3 Time to brush your teeth.

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