16 Reasons Alaskan Malamutes Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Alaskan Malamutes are very energetic dogs, intelligent, and highly trainable. They are gentle and loving animals.

Dogs of this breed are distinguished by their independent character and their loyalty. A good attitude towards people and gullibility prevents the Alaskan Malamute from becoming a good guard dog.

It so happens that Alaskan Malamutes refuse to obey their masters. Fortunately, there are cases when refusal to follow the order of the owner of sled Alaskan Malamutes saved the lives of their owners. Thus, such free-thinking is not always a negative trait in dogs of this breed.

Alaskan Malamutes are very friendly, despite the fact that they do not like living with other pets very much, they will react positively to the arrival of a new family member.

It should be noted that Alaskan Malamute puppies are much more energetic than adult dogs. As they age, Alaskan Malamutes often turn into measured and calm pets, especially when they receive enough attention and exercise.

Let’s see what kind of dogs they are!

#1 Trust me they hate being in the water.

#2 And hate being with you.

#3 Are you not convinced of this yet?

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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  1. Love these dogs plus huskies and german heppards. My Mia was a mix of all three – a great companion for 16 years!

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