15 Reasons English Setters Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

The English Setter is a dog from the group of cops. He is elegant, handsome, smart, and good-natured – excellent appearance is combined with excellent working capacity because the Englishman is a good hunter with a special, “feline” style of work.

The setter is considered one of the most balanced, intelligent, and delicate. He is described as a devoted and loyal friend, very kind and affectionate. Setters prefer to be close to loved ones. The animal is very attached to the owner. His devotion has no boundaries. Of all the breeds of cops, it is the English setter that is considered the most docile and diligent.

Setter training is especially enjoyable. The dog easily memorizes commands, quickly executes them, is smart and reasonable. However, the same type of activities will soon bother the pet, so the owner must be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to constantly come up with new tasks. This is a hunting dog breed with a well-developed sense of smell, excellent endurance, showing high speed, agility, and courage. Providing a setter with enough attention and showing his love, he will become the happiest dog and will constantly demonstrate this.

Let’s see what kind of dogs they are!

#1 Trust me they hate being in the water.

#2 And hate being with you.

#3 Are you not convinced of this yet?

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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