16 Reasons Why Shetland Sheepdogs are the Best Dogs Ever

#7 The pet will ideally join the team, will be obedient and docile, with no aggression, will make friends not only with adult family members, but also with children, as well as with animals that live in this territory.

#8 For this breed, socialization plays an important role at a very early age.

It will be easy to teach the puppy to recognize when it is required to show its guarding skills, and when it is possible to let a stranger freely into the house.

#9 It is believed that these dogs are very noisy.

Indeed, they bark loudly and loudly, because their natural purpose is to protect and inform the owner about possible danger. But this problem can be solved due to the fact that the Shelties are very smart, and it is enough to explain to the pet several times that his prolonged barking is undesirable, and he will give his voice only a few times.

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