17 Amazing Facts About Beagles You Might Not Know

Beagle is a vivid combination of excellent hunting instincts and genuine good nature. These dogs are the best companions for the reason that even at the dawn of the breed’s formation they walked side by side with people, making their existence easier. Beagles personify inexhaustible optimism and energy that must be thrown out inactive games and walks. If you go with your pet to a park where a lot of people rest, there will be no limit to the dog’s happiness. The Beagle loves to attract the attention of others and feels better in large companies (both human and canine).

#1 This breed of hunting dogs appeared in America in the 1870s.

#2 In 1950, according to the Kennel Club of America, it was the most recognized breed in the United States.

#3 The US Department of Agriculture has a Beagle Brigade trained to inspect baggage at airports where agricultural products are found.

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