17 Historical Facts About Great Danes You Might Not Know

At just one glance at this dog, the definition “majestic” first comes to mind. Calm and self-confident, with a regal gait and an intelligent look, impressive size, and ideal body proportions, they are beautiful with a special, mesmerizing beauty and grace. Of course, we are talking about Great Dane, more precisely, about Great Dane.

#1 Today scientists distinguish a whole group of large breeds, united by the name “mastiff-like dogs”.

In addition to the dogs themselves, it includes mastiffs, bulldogs, St. Bernards, Dalmatians, Rottweilers, Newfoundlands, Leonberger.

#2 It is believed that they all descended from one ancestor – the Tibetan mastiff.

#3 This breed is considered one of the oldest service breed, the first documentary evidence of its existence dates back to the XII century BC.

Alice White

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