18 Pictures That Prove Cane Corso Are Perfect Weirdos

Corso has a very developed “parental instinct”, which instructs them to protect and protect those who are smaller and weaker. Therefore, they will never touch even strangers’ children, and only “their own” will carefully take care of and protect. And, by the way, courses allow little owners to do whatever they want. When the child gets them very much, she tries to hide. If I can’t hide, it suffers. They are also great at raising puppies, both females, and males. Quickly and correctly understands and fulfills the wishes of the owner. Doesn’t pretend to be a leader. Insanely devoted to all family members. For dogs of this breed, emotional contact with the owner is very important. They are “monogamous”, it is difficult to endure the change of owners. They need to feel “needed and useful.” Education with emotional isolation techniques can damage the psyche of a dog. Cane Corso will be happy to play with both children and adults, but only if you yourself want it. Dogs of this breed are not at all intrusive. They do not tend to be “talkative” and only give voice when it is really necessary. Consider teaching Korsa the voice command.

#1 A health bath 👍👍👍😍

#2 Amazing Duo 👌

#3 Looks like Simba trying to roar 🦁 😂

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