18 Pictures That Prove Labradors Are Perfect Weirdos

With a good character, very agile. Hyperactive if done correctly. Excellent flair, soft-grip (soft mouth) that allows you not to wrinkle the bird when serving, passion for water. A good and passionate hunter. An adaptable, dedicated companion. Smart, shrewd and obedient, affectionate, a true friend. Kind by nature, without a trace of aggression or excessive shyness. In many countries (England, Finland, Sweden), in order to obtain the title of champion in exterior, it is necessary to pass a check for compliance with the standard in terms of behavior and psyche – working tests. The Labrador is a hunting dog that, due to its unique qualities, can be used as a companion, guide, rescuer, and to search for explosives and drugs.

#1 I think I have the wrong address.

#2 I can fly.

#3 We’re ready to go fishing.

Alice White

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