29 Interesting Facts About Fish

Swimming in a river or sea, rarely does anyone think about how many different fish are hiding under the surface of the water. Sometimes among fish, especially deep-sea ones, you come across truly amazing creatures.

  • Schools of fish can number several million individuals.
  • The bipartite fish has both gills and lungs and can live without water for several months.
  • Components of fish scales are actively used in the production of lipstick.
  • Most fish spawn, but there are also viviparous fish, for example, several species of sharks.
  • The oldest fishhook found by archaeologists is about forty-two thousand years old.
  • A shark attack causes fewer people every year than a bee attack.
  • Of all fish species, only sharks have eyelids.
  • Most fish can distinguish colors.
  • Electric eel and electric stingray can kill a person with their touch.
  • The flying fish easily flies up to fifty meters above the water, but jumps up to two hundred meters were also recorded. When flying out of the water, flying fish rise into the air to a height of five to six meters.
  • The fish, with the exception of some eels, cannot swim with its tail forward.
  • Stonefish is the most poisonous fish in the world.
  • The world’s largest fish is the great whale shark, which grows up to 18 meters and 25 tons in weight. Fortunately, this is a completely harmless creature.
  • The fastest fish in the world is a sailfish, capable of speeds up to one hundred kilometers per hour. And the slowest is the seahorse.
  • By the way, the seahorse is the only species of fish that swims in an upright body position.
  • Some fish species can change s@x.
  • The archerfish inhabiting Asia accurately knock down insects, which it feeds on, by spitting out a stream of water.
  • One cod during the mating season can lay up to six million eggs.
  • Grouper fish sometimes weigh up to 4.5 tons and attack everyone who approaches their territory, including people.
  • The oldest fish on Earth is the coelacanth.
  • The deepest known fish is bassogigas. Some individuals are found at depths of up to eight kilometers.
  • The pineapple fish inhabiting South Asia can crawl through trees.
  • Stingray, which is also a fish, has four times more taste buds than humans.
  • Some shark species are able to control their body temperature, which allows them to survive in very cold water.
  • The only “relatively warm-blooded” fish is the red-finned fish.
  • Astyanax fish, when a predator approaches, often try to stun their less efficient relatives and swim away, leaving the victim to be torn apart.
  • The swimming speed of the Greenland polar shark does not exceed two kilometers per hour.
  • A deep-sea fish called the black gulper is able to swallow prey twice its length and ten times its weight.
  • In eyeless fish, the internal biological clock is “tuned” not to a 24-hour cycle, but to a 47-hour cycle. This happened due to a mutation, as a result of which these fish have lost all light-sensitive receptors.

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