5 Interesting Facts About Labradors

Dogs of this breed are very popular. They are kind, active, perfectly trainable, and focused exclusively on their owners.

  • Webbed feet

Yes, this breed of dog has webbed feet. They allow them to swim and dive beautifully.

  • Doesn’t get wet

It is very difficult to wet a Labrador “through and through”. The undercoat is so thick that the saying “like water off a duck’s back” applies to them.

  • “Soft” mouth

The mouths of these plush boobies are absolutely not meant to bite. Firstly, they are not at all aggressive, and secondly, they perfectly know how to own it. My dog ​​loves to play with balloons, bite, drive around the house.

  • Pain

Labradors can tolerate severe pain. That is why they are used as rescue dogs in the centers of disasters, to save people.

  • Ideal prisoners

Dogs of this breed do not undermine fences or jump over fences to escape.

Love your pets, do not abandon them, and remember, we are responsible for those we have tamed.

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