7+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Coonhound

Coonhounds are several varieties of a hunting breed with specific abilities. Most often, hunters are engaged in breeding such pets. And it is in this environment that they are appreciated. Less often they are turned on as companions or to participate in show programs. Coonhounds are dogs with special needs, before taking such a puppy into a family, it is worth seriously weighing the pros and cons.


It is difficult to find a more hardworking, strong, and resilient dog than a Coonhound. The fearlessness and courage of the representatives of this breed made them dangerous, dexterous hunters, even for large animals – bears, pumas, deer.

In the family, these are affectionate, loyal pets who are always happy to communicate with the owner and other household members, they are ready to spend time together.

A well-mannered and trained Coonhound is always ready to fulfill the commands of his master. Training is very important as these dogs are independent and independent. They are, under normal conditions, quite balanced and amenable to training.

Coonhounds get along well with children, they can spend hours playing games, running around, jumping, and running tirelessly. But it is worth considering the size of this animal, the dog can accidentally harm the baby.

Coonhounds make excellent watchmen, they do not welcome strangers too much and are extremely distrustful of them. Representatives of this breed are highly active, and they are ready to work at any time – just call.

But communication with other animals, besides their own kind, is unlikely to work. All hounds, including Coonhound, are hunters to the core, and they have highly developed instincts. Any animal the dog will consider exclusively as prey.

Care and health

Coonhounds have a short coat that does not require much maintenance. It is sufficient to brush it once a week with a brush suitable for the type of coat. But owners should be aware that Coonhounds shed very much, which can be a problem when keeping an animal at home.

Most hunting dogs, including Coonhounds, have a rather pungent, specific odor. If the owner decides to get rid of him with the help of frequent washing of the dog, then he will do it in vain. She will not benefit from such procedures, and the aroma will become the same every time. Coonhounds are bathed infrequently, only when necessary.

The rest of the care is standard – claws are periodically trimmed, teeth are cleaned every 2-3 days, ears – as they become dirty.


  • Excellent hunter
  • Friendly
  • Easy care
  • Loves children


  • Stubborn and independent
  • Not suitable for living in a city apartment
  • Barks a lot and loudly
  • Long walks are necessary
Alice White

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