All About Birds: Crane (17 Pics)

Crane. This big bird with a long neck and legs belongs to the Crane family, the Crane-like order. The ancestors of cranes coexisted with dinosaurs and were able to survive all global cataclysms.

This fact, plus the beauty and nobility of these amazing birds, explains the interest of people in them.

#1 The length of the crane in height, depending on the species, varies from 0.9 to 1.75 m, and the body weight can vary from 2 to 11 kg.

#2 The body is elongated, drop-shaped.

#3 Long flight feathers of the wings when the bird is standing create the impression of having a lush long tail.

The neck is long. The head is small, neat, partially feathered, the color of the bare skin is red or orange. The beak is straight, elongated, 0.2-0.3 m long. The wingspan is approximately 2 m.

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