All About Birds: Crow & Raven (21 Pics)

#13 In Arab culture, the black-winged bird is immortal. In ancient times, the raven was said to live for 300 years.

In folk epics, it is told about the 9 lives of birds.

All this is denied by ornithologists, who are sure that if all the conditions are created, then the pet will live up to 70 years.

#14 Do you know that a raven and a crow are not a “married couple”?

In fact, these are two different species of birds that belong to the same family of corvids.

The main differences are in size since the first one is much larger than the "lady".

The black crow, which is often mistaken for Corvus corax, lives in Western Europe, in the eastern regions of Eurasia. Her feathers are grayish. Sizes no more than 56 cm.

In addition, the tail of a female representative looks like a chopped-off one. While the raven is expressed in black. The length of the body is at least 65 cm.

The gentleman's tail is wedge-shaped. And yet, the crow has disheveled plumage in the area of the goiter. We hope, from the description of the raven and the raven, their external differences became clear.

#15 The white crow is also found in nature.

No, this is not a separate species. It can appear in any flock since this one is just a mutation. Albinos are no different from their fellows, except for the color of the feather.

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