Breed Review: East-European Shepherd (19 Pics)

The East European Shepherd Dog is a “copy” of the German Shepherd Dog, improved and modified by Soviet breeders, which has absorbed the best qualities of its relative. Today’s “orientalist” is still an excellent watchman and bodyguard, but not such a gambling fool like his famous brother. It is thanks to the lightning-fast reaction and balanced character that the breed found recognition among the owners, one way or another connected with law and order and security activities. Vigilant and collected, BEO is the best suited for protecting property and scaring off those who encroach on someone else’s life. If such a dog lives in the house, safety and good nights are guaranteed.

#1 Like most domestic service breeds, the East European Shepherd Dogs were bred in the 30-50s of the XX century, due to state necessity.

He is not harsh and not quick-tempered, which in case of danger does not prevent the animal from making decisions and acting at lightning speed. Well, more precisely, the East European Shepherd is a dog that does not like the aimless manifestation of any qualities. The whole being of this serious, indefatigable campaigner strives to be of service to the owner. Accordingly, if you do not need either a vigilant watchman or a prudent security guard, it will not be easy to find an alternative type of activity for East European Shepherd.

#2 East European Shepherd Dogs do not like strangers, and this hostility is ineradicable.

At the same time, the dog will not rush at the stranger, as soon as he appeared in sight. Yes, the animal is ready to defend its owner 24 hours a day, but only when the threat is really real. However, here it is necessary to clarify: well-trained individuals behave so restrainedly, the owner of which was not too lazy to go through the OKD with them. With young dogs who have not learned to control their own emotions, it is better to keep your finger on the pulse. These "comrades" are not yet able to distinguish a friendly pat on the shoulder from a full blow and noisy companies from gangs of hooligans, so they can turn on the defender mode at the most inopportune moment.

#3 Another nice bonus for fans of East European Shepherds is the lack of the habit of males to compete with the owner for the status of an alpha male.

With the right upbringing, the breed willingly transfers the reins of government to a person, easily getting used to the status of a companion and observing the necessary subordination. The only thing is that the roles in the house will have to be assigned immediately after the puppy appears in it. If this is not done in a timely manner, the East European Shepherd Dog will have a reason to suspect the owner of spinelessness. And this is a direct path to disobedience, stubbornness, and, ultimately, to a dangerous confrontation between the owner and the pet.

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Written by Alice White

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