All About Birds: Turkey (18 Pics)

If you decide to breed turkeys at home, then first of all you have to make a choice of the breed of bird. Most often, when choosing, it is necessary to build on the method of content, as well as goals and personal preferences.

In advance, before making a purchase, it is worthwhile to understand properly the main features of a particular breed and characteristics, since only in this way can you ensure the breeding of turkeys at a decent level.

#1 Every year, more and more farmers are interested in the conditions for keeping turkeys, giving preference to them.

#2 Someone begins to breed poultry only for personal consumption, while someone makes a fairly good profit, thanks to the sale of not only egg, but also meat products.

#3 Firstly, poultry meat is considered dietary, and for this reason, due to its low cholesterol content, as well as a large amount of beneficial trace elements and vitamins, it is beneficial for humans.

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