All About Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound (or Italian greyhound) is an active yet calm, gentle, loving, and sensitive companion. He needs to be physically close to you and would love to sleep on your lap or on your bed. He needs a lot of love and attention.

Italian Greyhound in Description

He is very dependent on his owner and family and should never be left alone at home. He’s a gentle and submissive dog who can be anxious and very tense at times – but he’s also playful and prone to sudden bursts of energy. He loves to run around the house. He is a typical house dog who still needs his regular walks outside.

He should always be kept on a leash when you take him for a walk outside as he enjoys chasing small animals. He is very polite to other people, but can also be nervous around strangers he doesn’t know. He usually gets along well with other dogs, cats, and pets if he lives with them in a quiet environment. He’s a pretty good watchdog, barking at any unfamiliar sound or noise. He also gets along very well with children as long as they treat him fairly and don’t annoy them.

Unfortunately, he is not easy to train because he is a very sensitive dog who gets bored very quickly if you try to teach him something. You, therefore, need a lot of patience when training. He is very sensitive to the cold and should therefore always wear a sweater in the colder months. He sheds a few hairs occasionally and should not be kept in a household where dog hair is a problem.

Italian Greyhound Optics

The Italian Greyhound is 32-38 cm tall and weighs 3-5 kg.

Care of the Breed

His coat only needs grooming and brushing every few days.

History and Origin

The Italian Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds and comes from Italy. It is very likely that he originally descended from the Egyptian greyhound Team, who came to Greece from Egypt and from there moved on to Rome. There he was one of the favorite dogs of the patrician women. The breed then spread throughout Germany in the 14th century.

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