American Black and Tan Raccoon Hound: Lifespan, Price, Temperament

Name: American Black and Tan Raccoon Hound
Other names: American Black and Tan Coonhound
Country of origin: USA
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Life span: 10 – 12 years
Temperament: Gentle, Even Tempered, Calm, Adaptable, Attractive, Trusting
Height: Females: 58-64 cm; Males: 64-69 cm
Weight: Females: 24.9–31.8 kg; Males: 29.5–34 kg
Color: Black and brown-tan
The price of puppies: $300 – $900 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Black and tan coonhound. Average cost: $600 USD

The American Black and Tan Raccoon Hound is a working dog breed designed for chasing prey. Dogs of this breed can withstand harsh winter conditions, summer heat, and rugged terrain – all for the task. Used primarily for tracking and scaring raccoons up a tree. Dogs of this breed track prey solely by smell. The raccoon hound’s characteristics and bravery also allow it to hunt deer, bears, mountain lions, and other big game. Kennel clubs ask judges to pay great attention to these factors when assessing the merits of dogs of this breed. Overall impression of the breed: power, agility, and attentiveness. The raccoon hound instantly leaves a good impression of the breed with its running chase.

Balanced and friendly character. As a trail hound, she must be able to work closely with other hounds. Some representatives may be secretive, but never shy or aggressive. Aggression towards people or other dogs is absolutely unacceptable.

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