American Shorthair Personality and Behavior

The American Shorthair is considered the symbol of the United American States.

The ancestors of the American Shorthair were brought to America by the first settlers from Europe, they were kept on ships to fight rodents, for the same purpose they were taken with them to America to fight rodents on farms, ranches, and houses. For a long time, they did not want to recognize American Shorthair as a breed, and only in 1900, a cat named Buster Brown became the official ancestor of American Shorthairs.

The cats are hardy, strong, wonderful hunters and are distinguished by excellent health, all these qualities they acquired through their wanderings.

The American Shorthair has an athletic and muscular body, flexible. Males are usually larger than females, averaging 11 to 15 pounds, while females may weigh 6 to 12 pounds. They are powerful, but very agile hunters. They have strong limbs and strong legs. The head is large, massive muzzle and muscular neck. The ears are of medium length, the tips of the ears are rounded, there may be tassels. Wide-open big eyes. The color of the coat is in harmony with the color of the eyes. Short, dense, shiny, and resilient coat.

To date, about 30 colors have been registered. The most popular colors are blue, red, cream, white, black, chocolate, lilac, fawn colors are not recognized.

Cats of this breed are smart, affectionate, disposed towards people. They also love other pets at home, where they live, but they especially show their love for children.

They are independent and love their personal space, despite their sociability. They love to eat well and lie around. They do not always eat where their bowl is, they can take it to a secluded place and enjoy it alone there.

Taking care of American shorthairs does not require much trouble, they are clean cats. Only wool, especially in spring, when it sheds, requires combing.

Due to the fact that cats love to eat, you need to make sure that she does not get fat. Do outdoor games with her, which will keep her healthy and athletic.

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