American Shorthair Cat: Cat Breed Characteristics

The American Shorthair cat is rightfully considered the purring symbol of the United States. It is difficult to resist this graceful beauty and her feminine sly look!


  • American shorthairs have an inherent character: they do not go to extremes, behave with restraint, but at the same time do not forget about funny games with their own tail.
    “Americans” do not like to sit in their hands, so at the best opportunity, they will leave their forced roost and go in search of a cozy place where they can take a nap.
  • Representatives of the breed rarely emit loud meows and prefer to communicate with the owner mainly with lively facial expressions.
  • American Shorthair cats can cope with forced loneliness, but your long absence is undesirable.
  • Fluffy beauties love to hunt and often “delight” family members with a caught fly, and in a private house – also with a bird or a rodent.
    “Americans” get along well with other animals (except rodents and birds), they are no less tolerant and affectionate with children.
  • Cats lend themselves to training only with a trusting relationship with the owner and teaching teams in a playful way.
  • American Shorthairs are unpretentious in grooming, but you have to control the pet’s diet: this breed is prone to overeating and, as a result, obesity.

The character of the American shorthaired cat

Representatives of the breed observe the golden mean in everything – a quality that distinguishes the American shorthair among fellows. These cats are sociable, but do not impose their company; they love to play, but they are not reputed to be restless fidgets. In relation to the owners, animals are very attentive but prefer subordination. The cat is watching what is happening from the sidelines, is not lazy to go to the sound of its nickname, but you should not count on many hours of hugging with your pet. If desired, she herself will jump on your lap, but in this case, the attention of the fluffy beauty will not last more than ten minutes.

Do not expect a lively “conversation” from a pet: American Shorthair cats are not very sociable. The animal will prefer to carefully approach the owner and publish a quiet “meow”, rather than start a “conversation” in the next room. This feature is more than compensated by the lively facial expressions of the cat: its muzzle is a mirror in which all the desires and emotions of the animal. Learn to recognize these non-verbal signals: this will greatly facilitate communication with your pet!

“Americans” quickly become attached to the people they live with. They will get used to the owner’s work schedule and will greet him with gentle meows, not demanding “sirens”. In the absence of the animal, it will most likely curl up in a ball on soft bedding and calmly wait for its return. However, long business trips are a weighty cause for feline concern. Ask relatives or look after your pet: “moving” to a hotel for animals will negatively affect her psyche and general well-being.

As a legacy from distant ancestors, these cats inherited heightened hunting instincts. Living in a private house, American Shorthairs often present their owners with a pleasant – from their point of view – a surprise in the form of an unwary mouse or a sparrow. This is how he takes care of the members of his “pack”, so in no case do you scold your pet, and in his absence, get rid of the productivity caught by him.

For this reason, it does not contain decorative short-haired cats with birds and rodents, otherwise, a home safari is guaranteed. If it so happens, then medium-sized pets have been living with you for a long time and do not plan to give up their place to anyone, try to protect them with a bell on the neck of your graceful hunter.

As for the cohabitation of “Americans” with dogs, it takes place in a fairly peaceful environment. Yes, they may not become best friends, but they will not enter into constant skirmishes over the territory and attention of the owner.

Education and training

American Shorthair cats are quick-witted and intelligent, but this is not enough for successful pet training. Representatives of the breed are quite stubborn and independent, learning new tricks and commands is not one of their favorite things. To achieve a positive result, use the opportunities with advice.

  • Start classes from the childhood of your pet and gradually increase their duration.
  • Establish a relationship of trust with the animal.
  • Consider effective motivation for your cat.
  • Build a training game in the form of a game so that your pet does not get bored.

Do not forget to teach the fluffy beauty to use the “conveniences” and shorten your natural manicure using a scratching post, and not your favorite sofa.

Care and maintenance

Compared to long-haired cat breeds, “Americans” do not need careful care of their adorable fur coat. It is enough for them to brush the coat every week with a rubber brush or gloves with silicone growths. During seasonal molting, repeat every day to keep your pet looking tidy.

American Shorthair cats do not like baths and are also quite clean, so refrain from frequent watering. Can be used with a damp piece of cloth to brush away small specks of dust. A piece of suede will help to put a healthy and nice-looking shine on the coat.

If your pet does get dirty, bathe it with a shorthaired pet shampoo. After a cat bath, make sure that the pet is not in a draft: it is fraught with colds, even for such a strong and healthy breed.

Pay attention to the eyes and ears of the animal every two to three weeks. Remove foreign particles with a damp cotton pad. If your cat regularly walks outside, check it daily to prevent infection.

It is not important to look after the “fighting arsenal” of the American less short-haired cat – teeth and claws. In the first case, the rules are quite simple: the plaque is removed with a paste. Do not use your own hygiene product: it foams a lot and has a sharp minty taste for the animal. Use an old brush or a fingertip as a tool. For prophylactic tooth cleaning, special hard treats are often used.

Shorten the claws of the “American” with a claw cutter. It will not be superfluous to buy a scratching post. It will help keep the interior of the apartment intact. Teaching a kitten to sharpen its claws in a certain place is not a problem, it is more difficult to forbid an already matured animal.

There is one important nuance in feeding short-haired cats. Representatives of this form, with excessive appetite, are ready to absorb food within a radius of several meters. You will have to strictly control the portion size and not react to the pet’s begging glance. It is recommended to weigh the cat every week and adjust its diet depending on its weight.

If your graceful pet looks more and more like a hulking ball, pay attention to active games. Obesity in American Shorthaired cats is associated with cardiovascular problems.

Nutrition should be in such a way that the animal, along with food, receives the required amount of vitamins and minerals. The best option is a premium balanced feed. Take advantage of the opportunity to use a vitamin and mineral complex product. This will help your pet to maintain excellent health.

A separate bowl should contain filtered water – bottled or infused for 6-8 hours. It is not recommended to give the animal boiled water. Its frequent use leads to urolithiasis.

How to choose a kitten

To get a healthy and cheerful pet, follow these rules.

  • There are many places where you can buy a cat: bird markets, pet stores, message boards, and nurseries. In the first three cases, there is a great risk of getting an ordinary yard Murzik instead of a thoroughbred “American”, therefore it is recommended to find an official kennel that is engaged in breeding the breed. Breeders monitor the health of producers and are not allowed to mate animals with hereditary defects.
  • The optimal age for a kitten is three months. From that moment on, the baby no longer needs breast milk, it is distinguished by balanced mental and physical health. In addition, by the age of three months, kittens have already been vaccinated against dangerous viral diseases.
  • Pay attention to your baby’s behavior. A healthy animal is playful and curious, not afraid of strangers, and does not hide in a corner. If the American Shorthair cat responds to your affectionate touch with a corresponding meow, this is a special sign of a painful condition.
  • Examine the kitten carefully. He should be moderately well-fed, excessive thinness is a wake-up call for a future buyer. In a healthy pet, the fur looks silky and shines in the light, the eyes and ears are without painful discharge, the area under the tail is dry and clean.

A strong and charming baby can be seen immediately, but it still does not hurt to conduct an additional examination. Ask the breeder to provide you with documents: pedigree diploma, veterinary passport, and other certificates. Now it’s up to a little – to get a kitten and make every effort so that, having picked up, he remains playful and healthy!

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