American Curl Cat Personality and Behavior

The American Curl is a friendly, playful, and intelligent handsome man. It easily adapts to new conditions and preserves the kitten’s temper until old age. Curl is adorable as a pet. He gets along well with other animals and people. Curl, not like all cats, does not walk on his own, he loves the crowd and therefore he is an indispensable companion. He tries to please and help everyone who lives in the house. American Curls are very mobile and energetic, they love to play in large spaces with toys.

The calling card of the American Curls is the curled ears. This feature manifested itself as a result of a natural genetic mutation and is available only in this breed. In 1981, the first American Curl was discovered in California – the Ruga family adopted a black kitten – and he became the ancestor of American Curls, which they began to breed two years later.

Cats are of medium size, slender, their body is flexible, well-fed. The musculature is moderate. The nose is straight, the eyes are walnut-colored, set slightly obliquely. Strong chest and neck, strong legs. The shade of the coat is shiny.

The main feature of the breed is its ears. At the base, they are wide and open, curving back in a smooth arc. The tips are flexible and rounded, the angle of rotation is not less than 90 degrees, maximum 180. Curl owners need to carefully monitor their ears so as not to break the cartilage.

Unlike the Fold Scots, the ears of American Curls do not pose a health hazard. No genetic diseases were observed. Do not forget to inspect and clean the ears once a week, paying attention to the fold, but you need to clean it very carefully so as not to damage the ear.

Curls have silky hair, sometimes short-haired and semi-long-haired. Any color in combination with any coat length is recognized. Curls’ hair does not require a lot of maintenance, because it practically does not get dirty and does not fall off. Over time, you can bathe the cat and brush it with a special brush once a week.

Remember to trim your nails as needed.

Breeders recommend feeding Curls with prepared food, dry or canned food. If you are using premium food, you do not need to add natural food. This class of food is already balanced and contains everything necessary for development and growth.


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