American Wire Haired Cat Personality and Behavior

The American Wirehaired breed appeared as a result of a mutation – the first representative was accidentally found on an American farm. The kitten was very similar to the representative of the American smooth-haired breed, but it was distinguished by an unusual hair that resembled a wire, but at the same time it was quite soft. Thanks to the American breeder, the world has come to know and love this breed. In 1978, this breed already took part, along with the long-known breeds of cats, at the exhibition. Wirehaired cats are gaining more popularity. They gained such popularity not only thanks to their unusual fur coat but also to the fact that they quickly become attached to the owner, Very kind and wonderful hunters.

The American Wirehaired cat is very different from other breeds with its coarse coat. Grows up as a medium to large cat. The muscular and flexible body allows her to move easily.

The head is round, the nose is slightly concave at the bridge of the nose. The ears are far apart, slightly rounded, of medium size. Large eyes set wide apart. The color of the eyes is clear, in harmony with the color of the coat.

When choosing a kitten, you should ask yourself a question: will it be exhibited and whether it is important for you to have a “wire” coat in your pet. If the answer is yes, then you will have to study the baby’s fur: it should curl and have a distinctive adhesion of the hairs to each other. You will not even need to peer, the wool will lie in an uneven felt. If you don’t care about the signs of the breed, then choose a kitten that you will fall in love with at first sight. After all, the character of the baby does not in any way depend on the hardness of the coat and this breed has a very wonderful character. A cat of the American Wire-haired breed may have kittens with normal hair, but this will not make them less attractive or loyal friends.

When you touch the coat, you can feel the firmness and firmness of the coat with your fingers. The hair on the chin and belly is softer than on other parts of the body.

Kittens have a more curled coat than adult cats. When the kitten grows into a cat, the coat will be of medium length. In this breed, wool is preferred, where all the hairs are curled and this requirement applies even to the mustache. Due to the fact that the wool is quite thick, tough, and resilient, it curls into rings.

Personality: The distinctive character trait of the American Wirehaired cat is independence. Wise, calm, curious in moderation, friendly, and easily gets along with other animals (and even with dogs), with people. She can put in place the owner of a bad character because she can stand up for herself. Cats of this breed quickly become attached to the family if they feel respect for themselves, love their owners, and treat guests well. They are very mobile, love to be in the company of children to play and frolic with them. Great mouse hunters. Cats love peace and stay at home, they rarely show a desire to frolic in an open space.

The American Wirehaired cat tolerates loneliness well, although it loves communication. This breed is recommended even for those who are often absent from home. They are not afraid of changes in the environment and in moving, but the older the cat, the more difficult it is for her.

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