Belgian Shorthaired Pointer: Everything You Need to Know

Unfortunately, today the Belgian Shorthaired Pointer is considered an almost extinct breed. The International Cynological Federation has long included this dog in a special list since for many years there has been no news about the breed. Experts believe that the restoration of the Belgian marriage is possible, but this process will be hampered by the lack of sufficient information about the dog and its photographs. The progenitors of the Belgian Shorthaired Pointer were the French brakes, from which the dog took all the best: not only excellent hunting qualities but also external data (however, the Belgian Braque is a little more massive than its French ancestors). Also involved in the creation of the breed are the Great Blue Gascon Hound and the Old Danish Pointing Dog, from which this four-legged hunter inherited the color.

The Belgian Shorthaired Pointer has always been in much less demand than its French and German four-legged counterparts: compared to other cops, this dog is a little slow and cannot bear long and grueling races. However, first of all, the Belgian brack was bred to work by instinct and hunters have always appreciated their faithful assistant not for speed, but for a well-developed scent, courage, endurance (the Belgian brack can work in the most difficult conditions), perseverance and a pronounced hunting instinct.

Outwardly, the Belgian Shorthaired Pointer is a medium-sized dog with a strong build, it has a wide chest, a strong loin, and rather long muscular limbs, thanks to which it moves smoothly and gracefully.

The Belgian marriage has a broad head, small drooping ears of medium length, set at eye level, and expressive brown or amber eyes.

The tail of Belgian Shorthaired Pointers is usually docked.

The height at the withers of this dog is 61 – 66 cm, weight – 24 – 27 kg.

The color of the breed is white with thick dots, giving the dog a gray tint, and large brown spots.

The coat is short, thin, close to the body.


The Belgian Shorthaired Pointer is a very smart dog, so it is quite easy to train. Besides, he is easy-going, energetic, and always ready to work out: you do not have to force him to follow commands from under the stick. This cute family dog ​​has an attractive character: the Belgian Shorthaired Pointer is a very gentle and loving pet who adores his family and is infinitely devoted to it. This four-legged friend has a calm disposition and behaves with dignity in all situations: he never disobeys the owner, will not get involved in a dubious fight, and bark over trifles.

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