Boxer Dog Breed – Personality Traits

An intelligent and loyal friend, the boxer has a need for communication and movement. They do not feel well if he is regularly left alone at home.

Boxer Personality Traits

Do not forget that boxers are service dogs. At first, their ancestors hunted for a large game, then they worked in the army and police. All this is reflected in the character of the boxer. And although the initial aggression disappeared in the course of selection, the ability to guard and defend these dogs is in the blood. Of course, they will not attack without a reason, but they can be wary of strangers. However, most often, if not provoked, boxers are friendly and calm dogs.

Boxers love to learn, but finding the right approach is important. Otherwise, they are able to lose interest in their studies and go about their business. And even show stubbornness, even show your teeth.

Representatives of the breed choose their own owner. And if you are lucky enough to have a boxer, you will get a wonderful friend and companion.

Boxers grow up late (by the age of three), and do not lose their liveliness and playfulness until old age. Sometimes they are called clowns, so funny and funny they behave in the circle of “theirs”.

The boxer is calm in the apartment, but on the street, he loves to frolic. Energy requires release, so try to provide long active walks – with running and fetching. If this is not done, the dog will find itself where to realize the excess energy, but you may not be delighted with his ingenuity.

By the way, if a boxer is walking in your fenced yard, make sure the fence is high enough. Otherwise, the pet may well jump over it.

Boxers are loyal, lack of communication is perceived poorly.

Representatives of the breed are not averse to starting a fight with fellow tribesmen. Consider this when going for a walk. If the fight has already taken place, the boxer does not surrender. He is stubborn and almost insensitive to pain. However, modern boxers tend to compete rather than fight to the last drop of blood.

A well-mannered boxer is endowed with fearlessness, sensitivity, quick reaction, and very good control. He does not belong to the class of refined intellectuals. The proletarian origin makes itself felt: the representative of the breed is distinguished by some rudeness and directness. However, the boxer is not devoid of a peculiar charm.

Boxers & Children

Thanks to the amazing combination of a cheerful disposition and poise, a boxer is able to easily find a common language with a child and even master the profession of a nanny. This dog loves children and takes part in their games and pranks with pleasure, accompanies them on walks and, if necessary, will give his life for them.

But all this is true only for a pet, for which they did not spare time and effort. In order for a boxer to become a friend to your child, he needs to be educated and trained.

In any case, do not leave a small child and a boxer unattended.

You will also have to teach your children how to handle a dog. Don’t let them disturb your pet while it is eating or sleeping. The dog cannot be pursued if it decided to retire and left. And, of course, I never hit it. Explain that the dog is not a toy, but a full-fledged member of the family, with its own rights and needs.

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