Breed Review: Border Terrier (18 Pics)

The Border Terrier is a coarse-coated dog originally bred to hunt foxes and martens. The long legs are needed for the border to keep up with horses on the hunt, and the small body is suitable for crawling into burrows. The Border Terrier is recommended for owners who like active walks and will be able to devote a lot of time to their pets. The breed is distinguished by intelligence and is easy to train, gets along well with children.

#1 The Border Terrier, or Border Terrier, is the result of the purposeful struggle of farmers with foxes.

It was bred in the 18th century, and, moreover, it possessed all the necessary qualities in order to effectively hunt these animals, which caused a lot of trouble to the inhabitants of the countryside.

#2 This is not only about inner qualities.

but also about the external structure of the body - a rather narrow body allows the dog to squeeze into holes, thick skin and coarse coat protects well from fox bites, and legs, slightly longer than proportional (in relation to the body), allow pets to follow the horse.

#3 In addition, they are hardy dogs that can hunt with their master all day long.

At least this was the case in those days, although modern Border Terriers still have the same qualities, although, perhaps, to a somewhat lesser extent. Indeed, in the modern world, foxes no longer cause such trouble, and the breed itself has long been a companion rather than a hunter.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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