Boxer Dog: Weight, Height & Coat

Very smart and unusually hardy and strong boxers can scare someone away with their slightly aggressive facial expression. You should not be afraid at heart, these are very good-natured and gentle dogs who love affection and suffer if the owner does not pay attention to them.

Boxer Dog Breed Info

A boxer is considered an adult after the age of 18 months. By this age, the dog is already fully developed physically and can be used as a watchman, guard, or assistant. According to external characteristics, an adult boxer is a medium-sized dog, very compact and strong. The main distinguishing feature of boxers is their head with triangular drooping ears and a large square jaw.

Boxers are very energetic in movement, their body should not be clumsy or too “heavy” in appearance. Their gait is light and springy. They are so hardy that they can easily accompany both a moving cyclist and chase a galloping horse.

Boxer Dog: Height

The growth of an adult is quite impressive – from 53 to 64 cm at the withers. Traditional female boxers are shorter than males.

Boxer Dog: Weight

The boxer’s body weight should not exceed 32-33 kg. The minimum norm limit for a mature dog is a weight of 23 kg.

Boxer Dog: Coat Color

By standards, boxers can have two main colors: brindle and red in all shades. Whatever color the dog has, its ears can be black, like the muzzle. The presence of white spots on the chest, abdomen, and legs (socks) is allowed. If there are white spots on the muzzle – the dog will not be admitted to the show.

Interesting! In nature, you can also find a completely white boxer, but this color is very rare.

Boxer Dog: Coat

The coat fits snugly to the dog’s body throughout its entire area. The hairs are very coarse and short, shimmer beautifully in the sun. Like all dogs, they need special dog shampoos.

Ears, Tail

The boxer’s ears are set high, in a calm state they lie against the cheekbones. If the dog is interested in something, it can turn back. The tail is of medium length, strong, and very mobile.

Boxer Puppy Information

For one litter up to 7 strong and healthy puppies can be born to pedigree parents of boxers. It is necessary to take babies from their parents to a new home after they turn 60 days old. When meeting puppies, you need to choose someone who has a strong, but not a coarse skeleton. The puppy’s skin should be clean and supple. The kid should not be too shy and timid, but you should not take an obvious fighter into an ordinary city apartment.

Boxer Puppy: Height

Puppies are considered large, which by 6 months grow up to 20 cm at the withers. Those who have not gained the necessary 30-40 cm by the year are lacking in growth.

Boxer Puppy: Weight

In a month, the weight of a baby boxer should be 3-4 kg. At 3 months, a growing puppy can weigh 11-12 kg. By 6 months, the baby can gain 23 kg, by 12 – from 26 to 32 kg.

Boxer Puppy: Color, Coat

The color of the coat in boxer puppies does not change as they grow. The only thing that can change is that the spots will become clearer, the “speck” characteristic of red boxers will appear.

Boxer Puppy: Ears, Tail

Earlier, the ears and tail of dogs of the German Boxer breed were subject to mandatory cropping. However, with the help of animal rights activists from all over the world, this rule was canceled.

The life expectancy of excellent dogs of German boxers is from 10 to 12 years. Regular visits to the veterinarian, vaccinations, weight control, and the owner’s boundless love will help extend their life.

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