Boxer Dog Breed Information: Weight

Dog weight is an important parameter that makes it easy to track your pet’s health. Therefore, it is imperative to know how much a particular breed weighs on average.

Boxer Dog Weight

The statistics set the limit in the range of 26 – 32 kg. Deviations from this norm may indicate the development of a disease or the presence of stress in a four-legged friend. Paying attention to fluctuations in these indicators, you can quickly calculate ailments and immediately seek help from a specialist.

Dogs of this breed are prone to obesity. Like any other breed, obesity can be the result of overfeeding, improper diet. Another important factor that can negatively affect a boxer’s weight is heart problems. Due to the special structure of the muzzle, boxers can snore during sleep, and with age, snoring can increase precisely due to heart disease. At the same time, the boxer’s weight will grow rapidly.

In order to keep your pet healthy, it is important to strictly follow the regime of physical activity and nutrition. Regular walks, a balanced diet, and a stable emotional background will save the boxer from building up excess fat.

Boxer Puppies Weight by Month

If the baby is developing correctly and healthy, then you can focus on the following data.

In the first month of life, the baby gains about 3-4 kg.

By two, the figure grows to 7-8 kg.

Already at three months, a boxer puppy weighs about 12 kg. Rapid weight gain in the first three months of life is quite normal, and the bones and muscle mass of the dog also grow rapidly.

At the age of six months, a German boxer puppy grows up to 22-23 kg and is rapidly approaching the weight of an adult dog.

Over the next month, the final weight will already be reached and the boxer will weigh almost as an adult, about 30 kg.

By the year it will gain the rest of the weight, insignificant fluctuations in hormonal development can add 1-2 kg.

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