Breed Review: Abyssinian cat (20 Pics)

The Abyssinian cat belongs to the ancient breeds. It is a loyal, playful and intelligent pet with an iridescent coat.

#1 Abyssinian cat is a short-haired breed with an ancient origin

These are very intelligent animals, in which magnificent habits, love for the owner, and mobility are amazingly combined. They are loyal, balanced, ready to give and receive attention. Pets are in good health, inexpensive to maintain. Abyssinians are suitable for families with children, active positive people.

#2 Abyssinian cats have become popular for a long time, but researchers have not been able to find out the exact geographic region and time of the breed’s origin.

Several main versions were formulated. The first said that animals first came to Europe after the war between England and Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in 1868, from where they originated. As the main evidence, the proponents of the theory used an English book of the second half of the 19th century with a lithograph of a cat named Zulu, which was acquired by Captain Barrett-Lenard after the end of the military campaign. Despite the outward resemblance to modern representatives of the breed, there is no convincing evidence that the depicted cat was indeed Abyssinian.

#3 Other researchers believed that the animals had Egyptian roots, since the ancient figurines depicted similar pets.

Perhaps they were worshiped by one of the most mysterious civilizations in the world. At the same time, the genetic analysis carried out by scientists showed that these cats have always been closely related to the animals that lived on the coast of the Indian Ocean. In any case, the ancient breed line was considered extinct. Modern Abyssinian cats first appeared on a show in the UK in 1871, finishing third among 170 other breeds.

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