Breed Review: American Eskimo Dog (19 Pics)

If you haven’t heard of this baby yet, then it’s time to catch up. So what is an Eskimo Spitz? This is a very rare breed of dog, familiar to us relatively recently. Due to the lack of aggression, he becomes an excellent companion and loyal friend.

#1 The breed of the American Eskimo Spitz implies knowledge of the rules for the care and education of the tailed, and of course, character traits.

White German Spitz is considered ancestors. According to some reports, the blood of Samoyed Laikas, noble and hardy dogs, flows through the veins of the tailed Eskimos.

#2 The first representatives of this breed were brought to America in 1913, but due to the negative attitude towards Germany, it was decided to rename them.

Such a rearrangement led to confusion and discrepancy in the historical information about these dogs, and the options for their development do not agree on anything.

#3 Until now, the history of the American Eskimo Spitz is covered with a veil of mystery and the subject of historical controversy.

In 1969, for the first time in America, the North American Association of Eskimo Spitz lovers was created, but only ten years later this breed was officially recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club).

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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