Breed Review: Beauceron (17 Pics)

Beauceron is an indigenous breed, a direct descendant of the wolf. Initially an irreplaceable herding dog, today it is considered to be a first-class watchdog and a full-fledged member of the family, earning the absolute trust of man. Beauceron embodies the best traits of the canine family: strength, endurance, endless loyalty, companionship, and a willingness to protect those they love.

#1 If we talk about the origin of the Beauceron breed, two main hypotheses have been put forward today.

According to one of them, the ancestor of the French smooth-haired shepherd dog was a fossil peat dog, the remains of which were found in the Jura mountain range. According to another, the ancestor of Beauceron was a wolf. This version is supported by the great similarity of animals not only in external appearance but also at the intracellular level. Only geneticists can dot the "i" s, but at the moment this problem is not being investigated.

#2 The following is known for sure:

the Beauceron breed was formed on the territory of modern France practically without any outside influence. Evolutionary development led to the emergence of a fairly large, very powerful, and hardy dog, which was successfully used in hunting large games.

#3 Over time, the development of agriculture, especially grazing, led to massive deforestation and a significant decrease in the number of hunting objects – bears, wild boars and deer.

The man had an urgent need for herding dogs, and at first, the priority task of such animals was to protect flocks from wolves and even robbers.

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