Breed Review: British Longhair (15 Pics)

The British Longhair is the closest relative of the British Shorthair. Its distinctive exterior feature is a fluffy, moderately dense coat.

#1 The British Longhair cat is an exemplary and a bit lazy “cloud” with a docile nature and an ineradicable love for delicacies.

Building relationships with this imposing young lady is not difficult at all. The main thing is to provide her with a cozy corner and the opportunity to independently decide when to purr at the owner's side, and when to relax in splendid isolation. No, British Longhairs are not at all introverts, they just sometimes take a little longer for an emotional reset.

#2 The Lowlanders’ past is not ancient, much less glorious.

The breed arose thanks to the recessive gene for long hair, the carriers of which, according to limnologists, should not be allowed to breed. Moreover, the breeders themselves were to blame for the genetic failure, in the mid-50s they wished to expand the palette of colors of short-haired British by crossing them with Persians.

#3 At first everything went according to the planned plan: kittens born from mixed “marriages” inherited luxurious colors of Persian cats and short hair of English parents.

However, after several generations, the "increased fluffiness gene" made itself felt, and the animals began to bring long-haired offspring. Breeders were not ready for such a surprise, so at first, they severely rejected fluffy kittens, selling them for a symbolic cost, or even free of charge, provided that no one would breed such pets.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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