Breed Review: Burmese Сat (16 Pics)

Burmese cats are distinguished by excellent health and friendly disposition, they have a quiet and melodic voice. Representatives of this breed do not cause much trouble to the owners.

#1 The Burmese cat, or Sacred Burmese, belongs to a very ancient breed, which became famous several centuries ago.

Being in our time among all the mustachioed and tailed beasts one of the most popular pets, mysterious Burmese never ceases to amaze its owners, discovering more and more facets of its character. Having once stopped your choice on a Burmese cat, you can be sure of its correctness. Burmese is docile and gentle, with good, almost aristocratic manners. She combines sociability with an expressive mind.

#2 Burmese is welcoming and very curious.

When guests appear in the house, she easily makes contact, not at all afraid of new people. Especially representatives of this breed will delight those who like to take cats in their arms and knees: you will not encounter resistance - rather, on the contrary.

#3 The name of the breed speaks of the historical homeland of these cats, the state of Burmese in the west of the Indochina Peninsula, which changed its name to Myanmar in 1989.

The first Burmese cats entered the Old Continent in 1919. They were recognized as a separate breed in 1925 in France. During the Second World War, the genotype of the ancestors of modern Burmese was practically lost. But as a result of selection and crossing with Siamese and Persian cats, sacred Burmese, as we know it today, had already become by the middle of the last century.

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Written by Alice White

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