Breed Review: European Shorthair (15 Pics)

The European Shorthair is a rather simple-looking breed, but intelligent, very affectionate, and quiet.

#1 The European Shorthair cat is distinguished by its typical feline character and absolute unpretentiousness in keeping.

Amazing hunting nature, special grace that shines through in every cat's movement, the ease with which she moves, attract attention, and make you admire the beauty.

#2 It was this breed that became the first to settle in the house.

Her ancestors very quickly got used to domestic life and easily obeyed man.

#3 It is believed that the place of origin of the European short-haired (it is also called the Celtic) – farms, far from other dwellings, peasant farms.

Since the animals existed relatively solitary, then their offspring had a fairly clean color.

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