Breed Review: Himalayan Сat (14 Pics)

#7 Otherwise, Himalayan cats are quite cushion-pillow pets, dependent on comfort and an affectionate atmosphere.

These fluffy sybarites are happy to take a nap on the master's lap and will gladly accompany a person in his movements around the apartment. To some, such behavior will seem like a banal obsession, but in fact, animals in this way satisfy the irrepressible curiosity received from Siamese ancestors. As an example: if the ward climbed onto the table where you laid out the working documents, do not rush to mistake his actions for shameless sabotage. It is likely that the cat just decided to help you with your chores.

#8 The Himalayans are much more playful than their Persian counterparts, so they can chase a wad of paper or a feather that has flown through the window to the point of exhaustion.

If you endow the purr with a mouse stuffed with catnip, the animal will fall into real euphoria. True, one should not expect that a fluffy gambler will rush at the speed of a meteor - such extreme activity is not characteristic of the breed. The toy object will be tortured effectively, with feeling, with an arrangement, and often at a half-asleep pace, occasionally interspersed with sharp attacks.

#9 The Himalayan cat is very loving and has sincere sympathy for all family members, provided that they reciprocate.

At the same time, the pet will always have a separate pet, which will get a little more affection and contented rumbling than the rest of the household. Representatives of this fluffy family are not vindictive or vindictive, but they subtly feel the mood of the person with whom they communicate. So if you are the same owner who believes that petting a cat is only spoiling, with Perso-Siamese you are not on the way. The Himalayan cats treat children evenly enough, and even in the most critical situations, they prefer not to release their claws, sincerely counting on a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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